Monday, July 28, 2014

Another Trip...

Today my eldest child and I went to the fair.  My daughter had the day off and wanted to treat me to our adventure this year.  Together we enjoyed grilled corn and ice cream.  Together we petted baby cows and listened to sheep complain about being tied up.  Together we collected freebies and admired cakes and crafts.  Together...  That is the important word.  What a blessing that child is to me.

Saturday, July 26, 2014


     I woke up in a terrible panic last night.  I had a nightmare.  I had gotten lost, fallen asleep and had a horrible teacher's aide all on my first day of school.  After I woke, I was still shaken even though my dream events could not really happen.  I've worked in my school for a total of five years and it isn't a big school.  We have one classroom per grade.  I couldn't get lost at my school.  I have a wonderful teacher's aide who I genuinely respect and enjoy working with and finally, it would be impossible to fall asleep in a classroom of thirty-five First Graders.

     And yet, despite knowing these truths, I did not want to go back to sleep. I am both excited and anxious about my new adventure.  For the first time, I will have a traditional classroom.  My first real teacher's desk.  My first real teacher's contract. My first...   I know I will step up to the new challenges and become the teacher I am meant to be.  Knowing these things doesn't make me feel less queasy.

    I taught Kindergarten for five years in a private daycare.  I used multiple rooms, people routinely touched and moved my things. Last year I was a long term sub in a dear friend's classroom.  I used to be a teacher's aide in her classroom, I student taught in her room.  Now my mentor has retired.  I was offered the class.  Though my friend and I wish she had not gotten sick, she is glad that I am the one taking her place.  I am both excited to have a classroom and so sad that she got sick.  Thankfully, it seems like my friend may get to enjoy her grandchildren, that she may have the time she desires.  I pray that it may be so.

    Very soon, I'll get the, "all clear", from my principal.  I will hang things on my walls.  I'll make desk tags and lesson plans.  I'll sharpen pencils and send out welcome letters.  I can hardly wait.

Friday, July 25, 2014

A pup at my elbow...

It's just after eight.  My husband and older daughter are off to work.  My son has finished his breakfast and now is enjoying a Veggie Tale DVD.  I sit on our couch with my furry daughter Maggie resting her chin on my arm.  My younger daughter is still sleeping.

     I need to do some laundry, fold some and pick up a bit.  But first I need to put up the Christmas tree and plan some activities for later.  July 25 is Christmas in July at our house!   So long for now.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Ohio State Fair

Today my Aunt Lesley and I went to the Fair.  From partaking of blueberry corn ice cream to taking wacky photos at various booths with wooden cutouts, enjoying the Ohio State Fair is a long standing family tradition.  Both my mother and my grandmother absolutely loved our happy adventures.  Now they are gone but we still carry on the tradition.
      My eldest child shares our enthusiasm too.  In years gone by, she headed off to school with an amazing collection of pencils freely given by various government agencies at their informational booths. If her pencil rolled off her desk, there was no doubt who it belonged to.  How many kids have railroad safety or public health pencils?
     Today my dear girl had to work, so she couldn't come with my Aunt and I.  We will be heading back very soon to make new Fair memories together.  I don't know if you and yours enjoy fairs, but whatever you appreciate about summertime, I pray that you are able to find time to enjoy life with those you love.

Up Early

This morning Andrew got up early.  Although I'm a big fan of sleep, I decided to put my extra time to good use. Happily I can report that I finally looked up how to fix the toilet and it no longer, "runs", constantly.  I also finished making the cookies that I started yesterday.  (I swear these two activities were separated by a very soapy hand washing.)  Finally I logged back in to Blogger and unlocked my blog.  I haven't written in a long time and I was a bit worried that I had forgotten how to, "get in".  :)  Happily I figured it out and my blog wasn't lost.  Now I must make some coffee and get with the morning's agenda.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Tour of Italy...

Last night I had CPR class. I headed home after work considering what I could make for dinner before my husband came home and I had to head back out. I must admit I hadn't made up my mind when I opened my front door and smelled the tantalizing aroma of Italian food. I grinned. My husband had made it home before me and had created a "Tour of Italy" in our kitchen. I sighed, helped him dish out food and we sat down together. As I looked around our table at each face, I couldn't help but smile. Love... Life... Italian food.... a perfect moment

Thursday, September 30, 2010


Wearing gloves, my little students removed seeds from the sunflower heads grown by last years Kindergarten children. Tomorrow we are using the seeds to fill our new classroom birdfeeder. My students are very excited.
As I watched my little charges work together this afternoon, I couldn't help but feel a deep sense of statisfaction. My students were doing something useful and it made them happy. I did not need to "invent" something exciting to do. A necessary job brought them genuine pleasure.
How wonderful to delight in small tasks well done. What a blessing it is to think about what we could all learn from the small ones in our lives.
Tonight and always I wish you all the kind of joy I saw today. May you be blessed.